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Aaron Watson's show is a forum for having meaningful conversations about the passions, fears and problems of people from all walks of life. Guests talk about entrepreneurship, ultimate frisbee, finance and lifestyle design. Guests include Nathan Chan, Kevin Kelly, Bill Peduto, Morgan Housel, Noah Kagan, Tucker Max, and Barry Ritholtz.
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Dec 27, 2016

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Three of my favorite challenges featured in this episode.


Also a reading from this great book;

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder


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Dec 22, 2016


Mike’s Best Books

  1. Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram
  2. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight
  3. The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing by Michael Mauboussin
  4. The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
  5. Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt by David McCullough
  6. One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson


Aaron’s Best Books

  1. Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency by James Andrew Miller
  2. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  3. Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman by Richard P. Feynman
  4. Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way by Richard Branson
  5. The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly


Mike’s Favorite Subscriptions

  1. 25 IQ blog
  2. Farnam Street Sunday Email


Aaron’s Favorite Subscriptions

  1. The Gervais Principle from Ribbonfarm
  2. The Last Psychiatrist


Mike’s Preferred Podcasts

  1. Invest Like the Best
  2. How I Built This
  3. Jocko Podcast


Aaron’s Preferred Podcasts

  1. Reply All from Gimlet
  2. 3lau HAUS


Aaron’s Recommend YouTube Channels

  1. Nerdwriter
  2. Adam Ruins Everything


Also Mentioned

The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashjian

Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity by Charles Duhigg


What were your favorites of 2016? Please let us know!




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Dec 21, 2016

It was an honor to feature this mix. JRod is an emerging DJ out of Pittsburgh fresh off his festival debut at Thrival 2016. Stay tuned for big things from him in 2017.


Track List

Team - Krewella

Get Low - Dillon Francis and DJ Snake

Bangarang - Skrillex

Shut It Down - Party Favor and Dillon Francis

Alone (Slushii Remix) - Marshmello

Core - RL Grime

Core (Sharps Remix) - RL Grime

Dead (NGHTMRE Remix) - Slander

Both - Gucci Mane ft. Drake

Bad Things - Nom De Strip

Need You (DJ Hanzel and Drezo Remix) - Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE

Jawbreaker - Callie Reiff and Kandy

Lean On (Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Festival Remix) - Major Lazer ft. Mo

Let Me Love You (Don Diablo Remix) - DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber

Feel The Volume (JOYRYDE stick it in reverse remix) - Jauz

The Bomb (Live Mashup) - Bucketheads vs Kaaze vs Norman Doray

All We Know (Oliver Heldens Remix) - The Chainsmokers


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Dec 19, 2016

Bonin Bough is one of the foremost-awarded marketing executives in his field, the host of the CNBC reality show Cleveland Hustles, and the author of Txt Me (646) 759-1837. Throughout his illustrious career as one of the youngest C-suite executives in a Fortune 50 company, Bough has spearheaded some of the industry’s largest global marketing campaigns across digital, mobile, television, print, and experiential, including the premier of the first ever 3D printed food product, the customizable, real-time 3D printed Oreo at South by Southwest.


Having served as the Chief Media & eCommerce Officer at Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft Foods) for the last four years, Bough has created some of the first marketing programs across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paramount Films, ABC, NBC, Fox, to name a few, and takes precedence in fostering partnerships with startups including Instagram, Foursquare, and Buzzfeed. Before working at Mondelēz International, Bough led digital marketing globally for PepsiCo. Bough is seen as one of the top mobile marketers in the world, having been named “Mobile Marketer of the Year” by the MMA.


Over ten years of experience in the space, ranging from digital marketing, strategic planning and project execution to leading and building global digital marketing practices within agencies and on the client side. With a focus on creating industry-leading practices like Gatorade Mission Control, the industry's first model for real-time marketing, and PepsiCo10, a global digital innovation platform.


Bonin’s Book

Txt Me: Your Phone Has Changed Your Life. Let’s Talk about It


Bonin’s Challenge; Dedicate time to making a person or group better than they thought they could be. The mark of a great number one, is where their number two goes to lead.


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(646) 759-1837

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Dec 14, 2016

Ras Asan is the cofounder and CMO of Breaux Capital, a fintech startup dedicated to serving black male millennials.

Ras Asan is an early-stage business strategist and entrepreneur with a social conscience. Black Enterprise, CentricTV, Chicago Tribune, and New York Times have all covered Ras' work to increase higher education access and raise financial literacy awareness in traditionally underserved communities. Ras is also editor and head writer at The Crazy Rational, as well as a contributor to several other online publications.


Ras’s Challenge; Embrace doing nothing and being still.


Connect with Ras



The Crazy Rational

Breaux Capital

If you liked this interview, check out episode 126 with Derrius Quarles where we discuss scholarship, growing up on the southside of Chicago, and the current social climate.

Dec 12, 2016

Louie has been called a Media-preneur: Combining a successful TV executive producer and host role with being a sought after marketing/branding consultant in the nightlife and music industry. In his television days he had the opportunity to interview the likes of Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Backstreet Boys, and more.


Louie La Vella’s clients include entertainment personalities, nightclubs, concerts and festivals, and he creates brand and marketing strategies to engage and connect with their audience. Working within the ‘shark infested waters’ of the nightlife and music industry as a marketing and branding consultant, La Vella has been delivering high profit solutions to both live entertainment events, musicians and venues for years.


With 20+ years experience in the nightlife consultant area and extensive development and production experience with national television and feature film projects. La Vella has produced and marketed over 30 live music concerts in the past few years.


Louie’s Challenge; Decide to post something on social media every day for 10 consecutive days.


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Dec 9, 2016

Boon Technical Clothing started out as a two-man operation with founder Aldwin Ibanez and just one seamstress. In 2007, Boon began supplying limited-edition t-shirts and athletic apparel, primarily to sport climbers. The company experienced rapid growth as it caught on with the burgeoning running scene, providing jerseys and singlets for the many running events in the Philippines. From time to time, it also produced custom-made jerseys for local ultimate frisbee teams.


In 2014, Boon set the goal of bolstering Boon’s presence in the international ultimate scene. Focusing on providing customized, full-sublimated jerseys at highly competitive prices, Boon has since supplied jerseys to teams in such countries as Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Sweden. In 2015, the company became the official outfitter of the American Ultimate Disc League, the fastest growing professional ultimate disc league in North America.


Jolas Larracas is currently the Operations Manager for the US market of Boon Technical Clothing. He got involved with the company when I migrated to the US from the Philippines.


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Dec 8, 2016

Ryan Purcell was an Assistant GM, Assistant Coach, and player on the 2016 Austin Sol.

After playing at the University of Michigan and leading the program to three National Championship appearances in the mid-2000s, Ryan has since coached and played on every continent except Antarctica. Ryan currently serves as President of the World Flying Disc Federation’s (WFDF) Global Athletes Commission which represents players from around the globe with the sport’s international governing body. Ryan also serves as a member of WFDF’s Board of Directors, and was an active participant in the multi-year process that resulted in official member status with the IOC for the organization.


Ryan is excited to share the sport that has given him so many opportunities and incredible experiences with the people of Austin and engage local youth with the game of ultimate.


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Dec 7, 2016

Don Grage is co-owner and managing director of two small data analytics and information technology companies in Northern Virginia. He is also majority owner and managing partner of the DC Breeze, a professional Ultimate Disc team that plays in the 5-year old American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), and he serves on the Executive Council of the league. As a longtime entrepreneur from California, Don started his first company with a friend in high school and has been involved in more than 15 successful early stage companies over the past 30 years, ranging from skimboards and waterproof wallets to bioinformatics and fuel industry data analytics. He has a wife and three children, a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, plays guitar in a local band, and plays ultimate every chance he gets... although that is not nearly often enough.


Don’s Challenge: Everyone with the smallest passion bone in their body can find 25 hours a month without giving up anything meaningful. Pick something that you’re interested in — hobby, skill, business idea, field of study, whatever — and dedicate 25 hours per month to it for 4 months.


It may turn out to a big new passion that changes your life. Or it may not! But either way, you’ve given up virtually nothing and will definitely learn 1) A whole bunch about a new topic you’re interested in; 2) Whether or not you’re truly passionate about that topic; and most importantly 3) That you really do have 25 hours a month to invest in whatever exciting thing comes along next in your life. Get to it!


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Dec 5, 2016

Dr. Young Byun, MD is a neonatologist, an MBA student, and an expectant father. Ultimate frisbee is his passion, and he is a proud owner and general manager of the 2016 AUDL Champion Dallas Roughnecks. On occasion, he waxes nostalgic about days gone by when he had a bit more free time.


Ivy Byun is an adoption specialist by day and a Dallas Roughnecks owner by day/night and on weekends. She has a BA in psychology and music, and an MA in marriage and family therapy and mental health counseling; she is pursuing a PhD in counselor education and supervision. Ivy enjoys traveling, eating, and playing ultimate frisbee.


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Nov 30, 2016

Kwame is a business lawyer and the founder of the American Negotiation Institute. He is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and business professionals the art of negotiation so they can get better deals and advance their careers.

He is regularly invited to give negotiation seminars and consults with individuals and companies to create and implement powerful negotiation strategies. He also hosts the top negotiation podcast on iTunes, Negotiation for Entrepreneurs, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares powerful persuasion techniques.


Kwame’s Challenge; Negotiate something intentionally within the next seven days. Use his prep guide.


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Nov 29, 2016

A hacker, professor, and consultation expert, Dr. Tim Summers is a cyber and risk strategist specializing in identifying cyber risks and sensitivities within public and private organizations. He is a specialist in understanding the relationship between human cognitive psychology and socio-technical systems. He has served as an Executive Advisor for one of the world’s oldest multinational strategic management firms.


He has also been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies worldwide and is a regularly invited speaker. He’s the CEO of Summers & Company,  Founder of WikiBreach, and the Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Engagement in the iSchool at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Summers is one of the world’s leading experts in understanding How Hackers Think.


Tim’s Challenge; Identify seven people and seek a unique way to inspire and empower them. Ways to empower include; Smile, be positive, encourage creativity, challenge others, and connect.


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Nov 28, 2016

Stops on the 2017 tour of Asia Include;







Ho Chi Minh City
















South Korea






If you want to keep up with everything that we are up to and the places we travel, we will be documenting a lot of it on YouTube and Instagram. I'll also be sending out updates on my newsletter.

Nov 22, 2016

In late 2013, Joseph Lubin co-founded the Ethereum Project, and has been working on Ethereum and more recently ConsenSys since January 2014.


ConsenSys began as a blockchain production studio building decentralized applications, mostly on Ethereum. Many of those components are core elements that can be used to construct larger solutions as well as being standalone solutions in their own right. Since ConsenSys began operations before the Ethereum ecosystem existed, ConsenSys has also built core infrastructure elements like Ethereum clients, testing frameworks, rapid application development frameworks, and Integrated Development Environments.


ConsenSys Enterprise, the professional services arm, works with various enterprises to help them formulate their blockchain strategy and develop business processes for them on private or consortium blockchains, as well as on the public Ethereum network.


Prior to Ethereum, Lubin’s career has involved various posts in the fields of technology and finance and in their intersection. Subsequent to graduating cum laude with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton, he worked as research staff in the Robotics Lab at Princeton and then at Vision Applications, Inc. in the fields of autonomous mobile robotics, machine vision and artificial neural networks.


Joe’s Challenge; Learn about decentralization and disintermediation by checking out Ethereum and Consensys.


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Nov 21, 2016

Roger Ver has been a long time proponent of voluntaryism, the idea that all human interactions should be by mutual consent, or not at all. He is most well known for his work promoting Bitcoin. In 2011, his company,, became the first mainstream company to start accepting bitcoin as payment.

He then went on to create, the first website in the world to accept bitcoin as payment for hundreds of thousands of items, and was the impetus for the future wave of merchant adoption. He also became the first person in the entire world to start investing in Bitcoin startups. Nearly single-handedly, he funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

In his earlier life, he was most influenced by the works of Murray Rothbard, but was also inspired by the likes of Fredric Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, Leonard Read, Frederick Hayek, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, David Friedman, and many others in the Austrian school of economic thought.


Roger’s Challenge; Install a Bitcoin wallet and give it a try.



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Nov 16, 2016

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Venture for America, and has worked in startups and early-stage growth companies as a founder or executive for more than twelve years. He was the CEO and President of Manhattan GMAT, a test prep company that was acquired by the Washington Post/Kaplan in 2009. He has also served as the co-founder of an Internet company and an executive at a healthcare software startup.


Andrew has been selected by the White House as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and a Champion of Change for his work with Venture for America. He is the author of “Smart People Should Build Things,” published by Harper Business, and he was named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”.


He is a graduate of Columbia Law and Brown University and lives in New York City with his wife and son.


Andrew’s Book = Smart People Should Build Things


Andrew’s Challenge; Find one company or store that you like and do one concrete thing that will help them.


Connect with Andrew




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Nov 14, 2016

Jim Lloyd spent 28 years in IT before pushing his chips all-in on the AUDL. He is planning to draw on his experience in startups and at IBM to grow his three Canadian franchises.


He stopped by the show to discuss.


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Nov 9, 2016

William Generett has been working to connect the Pittsburgh region’s innovation economy to underserved communities as the first president and CEO of Urban Innovation21.


Urban Innovation21 is a unique public-private partnership that is supporting the growth of the Pittsburgh region's innovation economy while simultaneously connecting that growth to underserved communities, the residents that live in those communities and diverse populations that have not traditionally been connected to the innovation economy. Urban Innovation21 is one of the first US based organizations to work under the "Inclusive Innovation" model.


William’s Challenge; Meet 10 new people outside your existing network and visit 5 neighborhoods you don’t usually visit.


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Nov 7, 2016

Xtehn Titcomb first played ultimate in middle school at Spring Reign in 1997. Soon after that, ultimate became his main sport and a lifelong passion! He played and captained at The University of Chicago and played for Chicago's premier men's club team, Machine. Upon moving back to Seattle, Xtehn played with Voodoo, Emerald City Ultimate, Sockeye, and now is a player/coach on the men's club team Seattle Seaking.


Xtehn began coaching in 2006 at Roosevelt High School. After eight years, he transferred to Rainier Beach High School, where he currently coaches. Meanwhile, Xtehn has organized/coached dozens of youth and adult ultimate camps and clinics in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia. Xtehn plays and coaches with the mentality that hard work, mental toughness, and a teamwork make an ultimate player great.

Along with his two sisters and two brothers, Xtehn founded Five Ultimate in 2006. He has worked on various aspects of the company, mostly in the areas of operations and marketing. Xtehn and his siblings are also responsible for The All-Star Ultimate Tour, The Ultimate Project, Seattle Cascades, and a couple other projects that are in the works. He currently is CEO and General Manager at Seattle Cascades.


Connect with Xtehn



Seattle Cascades


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Nov 3, 2016

Nick Adkins is a passionate kilt-wearing leader with start-up experience & 5 acquisition adventures.  He is focusing on manifesting/attracting like-minded people who are making a difference/changing the world!


Nick’s Challenges

  1. If you’re asked to fax something by a healthcare company, refuse to do it.
  2. When you pass a stranger, make an effort to say hi and connect. Make it a practice.


Connect with Nick





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Nov 2, 2016

Dr. Rasu Shrestha is the Chief Innovation Officer at UPMC and Executive Vice President of UPMC Enterprises. As chief innovation officer for UPMC, Dr. Shrestha plays a leading role in driving UPMC’s innovation strategy, serving as a catalyst for transforming the organization into a more patient-focused and economically sustainable system.

As the leader of a team of over 200 technology professionals, Dr. Shrestha works to facilitate new health care intelligence, technology expertise and entrepreneurial drive to solve complex healthcare challenges. Through strategic partnerships, joint development agreements and investments in promising healthcare startups, Dr. Shrestha champions the development, implementation and commercialization of these innovations.

Dr. Shrestha has been recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the 26 “Smartest People in Health IT,” and InformationWeek named him one of the “Top 20 Health IT Leaders Driving Change” and a “Top Healthcare Innovator.” He is a frequent speaker at national and international health care, innovation and technology conferences.

Rasu’s Challenge; Practice empathy by turning off your smartphone and focus on connecting. It’s important not just to listen, but to hear. Not just to look, but to see.


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Oct 31, 2016

Dr. Keener is a board-certified psychiatrist passionate about applying neuroscience in non-traditional settings to help families and adolescents. He set out to work with "kids and brains" 20 years ago and never looked back.


Matt completed his medical training and residency in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, where he served as Chief Resident of Research. He subsequently undertook a postdoctoral research fellowship in Pediatric Neuroimaging Research under an NIH grant fellowship, studying brain systems/circuits that form our sense of self in bipolar disorder, depression.


Fascinated by big waves, however–and believing that applying neuroscience outside traditional routes could have a broader impact for good–in 2012, he jumped into the wave of healthcare innovation. He co-founded Emodt, a company quantifying emotion through language. LIke 99% (yes, that's the actual number) of digital health startups, Emodt didn't make it as a stand-alone business, but the team did have a win in helping one of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms create their first non-drug digital health tool to be launched in 2016, presently in pilot testing.


In 2015, wishing to put all this experience into serving adolescents and their supporters, Dr. Keener began assembling Blackbird Health as a way of delivering a supportive health framework for those in greatest need.


Book Recommendation

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


Matt’s Challenge; Notice and pay attention to friends who are letting you know that they are struggling. Make an effort to reach out and affirm them.


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Oct 27, 2016

A letter to a friend to inspire and cultivate creativity. Thank you for your attention.


@AaronWatson59 on Twitter and Instagram


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Oct 26, 2016

Ryan Stewman is a salesman. Ryan has not had a salaried job his entire life. By mastering the art of being a super effective communicator, Ryan has closed more transactions than he has time to add up. With his no BS approach to making things happen, Ryan has been able to help high income, and high net worth performers make adjustments in their businesses that have led to windfalls of profits for them.


Ryan’s background is in the mortgage industry. He was a loan officer in Dallas, Texas for almost 10 years. During his time as a Loan Officer Ryan closed 1000s of loans for people across the country. Ryan has been the top producing salesman at every sales job he’s had. He was born and raised in Dallas, Tx and is probably the proudest Texan you will ever meet.


Ryan’s Challenge; Take the 10 Day Hustle.


Connect with Ryan





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Oct 24, 2016

Dinesh is a self-professed technophile, in addition to a speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. He has taken part in three separate companies getting acquired, the third for over $200 million dollars. These days he stays busy investing, mentoring, and sharing wisdom.


He initially went to university for sciences, which lead him to a career in software. It wasn’t long before he realized that his pay would hit a ceiling. He saw the sales guys driving Porsches and Jaguars—and wanted in. Little did he know that his passions were in unlocking a business' potential, which goes far beyond the sale.


Dinesh’s Challenge; Count your “I can’t”s over the course of one week, then work to change one to “I can”.


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